How to buy online in Ethiopia

Online shopping is growing so fast in the world. In 2019, there were more than 1.92 billion digital buyers. Online shopping has many advantages, some of them save time, save energy, save money, and have a comparison of prices, 7/24 available, easy to search, and so on.

In Ethiopia also, we’re starting online shopping on different platforms. The Ethiopian government also approved digital marketing guidelines in August 2020.

In this guide, we are going to show you;

  • What are the websites used to shop online in Ethiopia?
  • How to Create an Account?
  • how to find a product/goods/items online and order it in Ethiopia?
  • payment methods for your online order
  • How to get the product to your address?

There are some online stores in Ethiopia, some of them are,,,,, and so on. Among these online stores, we are going to show you the steps on how to buy online at

Steps to selling online in market place in Ethiopia

Step 1: Creating an Account

  1. Open amazonethiopia’s website; Search in your browser or type on google search.
  2. Click “Login/Register”.A window will pop up with a list of options. Login or register, click on “Register”.
  3. Then fill in your email and password
  4. Select “I am a vendor”
  5. Fill the form correctly, like your full name, full and correct address, phone and others
  6. Then click the bottom “Register” button.

Congratulation! Your email has registered on

Step 2: Browse the Products

Write anything you wish to buy on the search bar. The search bar is found on the top right corner of the website (for window users), then press enter from your keyboard.

amazonethiopia’s search engine will show you all products related to your search terms. When you use the search bar, the results include items from all departments.

NB: On the website, this button is located on the top right side of the page, while the mobile site will display it at the bottom of the menu list.

For example, if you want to buy shoes, write shoe into the search box, then press enter from your keyboard. Then you will get the screen which looks like the following screen. Then select anyone you are interested to buy.


You can go to the shop –› fashion –› men’s shoe/women’s shoe. Then select anyone you are interested to buy.

Step 3: Add to Cart

Click on an item you are interested to buy.

This will reveal the product’s page so that you can read a description, product details, prices, and reviews. You may also see additional photos of the product. will also show you related items that you may be interested in purchasing.

  1. If you want to buy in another time, you can click “add to wishlist”.
  2. If you want to buy now, Click the “Add to Cart” button.This will take you to a page confirming that the item is in your cart.

If you want to add additional products to your cart you can repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 4: Completing Your Order

  1. After clicking the “add to cart” button, your cart icon shows a number (found top right corner).

Remember; if you order one item, you will see one in your cart icon. If you order more, you will see that number in your cart icon.

  1. After successfully add to the cart, you will see a message like- “Women shoe” has been added to your cart.
  1. Click on view cart – Review all of the items that you are ordering. If you want to change or remove items, you can type the correct number you want into the “Quantity” box. If you’d like to remove an item from your Shopping Cart, click the “x” button.
  2. Enter coupon codes.If you have any coupon codes, enter them in the box labeled “Coupon Codes” prior to completing your order.

NB: When you buy more, you will get coupons. That coupon will store in your account. By using that coupon, you can buy any products at any time.

  1. Fill in your shipping address. amazonethiopia will show you any shipping addresses associated with your account, you can change it by clicking change address.

 Make sure that you tick the “create an account?” option.  

Step 5: Fill the Detail Address

Click “Proceed to Checkout”.  amazonethiopia will prompt you to choose the correct address and payment method for your order.

  1. Choose your shipping address. amazonethiopia will show you any shipping addresses associated with your account, so make sure that you choose the one that goes with this order. You can send it to others also.  For example, if you are sending an item to your son in university, make sure that you select “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” then fill in his address.
  1. Select your payment method has more than one payment option, Make sure that the one you plan to use is chosen because amazonethiopia automatically defaults to an option, which may be incorrect.
  2. Click “Place your order”.After you’ve completed your order, amazonethiopia will show you your confirmation details and additional information.

Check your email. amazonethiopia will send you a confirmation email and payment detail information to the address that you used to create your account. You can use these emails to track your packages and manage your order.

Congratulation! You have put your order successfully! After this process your order and it will deliver to your address in a short period of time, as much as possible.

Track your order

You can see the status of your order any time by Click track order, then fill your order Id (check from your email) and your email address.

NB: If you want to save this guideline for another time, you can download it here.